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Image by Mike Petrucci

#Hint Location

for small business


Your Business Location





Have a Brick-N-Mortar?

Get more direct visitors and convert them into customers by offering a #Hint to our members

Why become a #Hint Location?

We provide the Lehigh Valley community with FREE monthly treasure hunts. Whoever successfully solves the riddle and locates the treasure wins a $50 Gift Card to any small local business. Our members will get puzzled by our riddle and to help get them closer to finding the treasure, they will NEED hints! Which is why we have launched our #Hint Locations Program for Small Businesses.


Our members will have to physically visit #Hint Locations to view the #hint flyer. So, ultimately we help get potential customers to your door and it is up to you to help convert them into your customers. Simple, right?

With hundreds of members and more joining Valley Pass everyday,

why not get your business on board? 

Keeping it Simple:

1. We email you a #Hint Poster

2. You print the poster out and hang it somewhere that you prefer in your business

3. When members need a hint, they will visit #Hint locations like yours

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